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How The Grinch Stole My Heart

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

To be honest I was not familiar with the Grinch story until yesterday when I watched the Jim Carrey movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It has blown my mind when I realised the deeper meaning of this film.

I love Christmas, it is my favourite holiday. I decorate from November, search for presents, wrap them beautifully, plan the menu, research and try new recipes. Think about the table decoration and try to do something new every year.

This time it is completely different. This was one of the hardest years of my life and I am tired physically, mentally and emotionally. I am still recovering from my leg accident as well - I cannot walk and should be on bed rest.

Ready to say goodbye to 2021 - Had a lot of family traumas and dramas, lost a good friend, worked on my business a lot, tried to “sell myself” more, lost money on bad marketing people and channels, got lost in SEO and things you must do to be” successful”, helped in my husband’s new business, tried to multitask like crazy…

I am exhausted and don’t feel the Christmas spirit at all…

Because of my leg accident, we came back to London later than planned. We bought a tree 4 days before Christmas which we still need to decorate (By the way if you buy a last-minute tree it is super cheap), and did a 20-minute Lidl Christmas food shopping for foods you can just put in the oven and for desserts you can just open the box. As I cannot walk and stand a lot, I did not want to put the extra pressure of a big Christmas cooking on my husband.

He is exhausted as well worked on his business like crazy and besides that took care of me who cannot even take a shower without his help.

I am trying to get my Christmas spirit back by watching Christmas movies- this is How the Grinch stole Christmas film came along. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason – I had to watch this movie now after avoiding it for years. It helped me to realise that the presents, decorations, planning, food, cleaning, baking, cooking – do not matter at all – Christmas is about love, about the people you love and appreciate what you have. That is the real Christmas spirit. Nothing else matters. There is no need for stress and overwork yourself to create the perfect image.

The Grinch was bullied at school, he was weird and different. He isolated himself from everyone and tried to close his heart but… there is never too late to make changes. Even if you were mistreated and misunderstood and full of childhood traumas you can have a happy ending. You just need one person who believes in you and is willing to help. That’s why I became a therapist, to help people who are willing to take those steps.

The Grinch just needed a little help and when he put his mind into change it magically happened. The same can happen to you. I have seen my clients changing their lives within a few therapy sessions. I love to see when the “magic” happens, those light bulb moments give me strength and assurance that I am on the right path as a therapist.

Let’s not forget Max, the dog in the movie. He is the best friend of the Grinch; he is always there for him, no matter what. A dog will never judge you just give you unconditional love and support. He will never leave, so make sure that you deserve that love. Recently I had a lot of animal clients and feel so grateful that I was able to feel the unconditional pure diamond love they have for their guardian.

I am ready for my Christmas break now and will focus on recharging my batteries.

I wish you the same…

Have a lovely festive period!

Take care!

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Best wishes,

Gabriella Davidovics

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