Solution Focused Psychotherapy &
Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP


A safe, quick, practical and research-proven neuroscience based approach for managing and getting rid of anxiety, stress, insomnia, pain, IBS, eating disorders, OCD, fears & phobias the vicious cycle etc. A future driven therapy to achieve the balance and the confidence you always sought for. Each session is an inspiring and relaxing experience. The purpose of this relaxation is to help you to achieve your goals. Your mind is accessing a more flexible and relaxed state, where your brain is developing solutions rather than focusing on problems. 


I am combining it with NLP to get rid of traumas safely and efficiently. You don’t need to share and relive traumatic memories. Trauma is a domino effect, it has a huge impact on your behaviour, choices, how to live your life, how to deal with friends and family. The amazing thing is if we take one of the dominos out the whole trauma pattern collapses. That's why I love NLP and use it with all my clients.


During the initial consultation  I explain how the brain works in relation to your particular struggle. You will receive access to effective techniques you can practice every day for a calmer mind. You will also receive a link to my sleep tape which helps to regulate sleep patterns, helps to reduce stress and boosts your confidence. We create a tailored therapy plan for you.






The subsequent therapy session is divided into two parts.

First, we talk about what would you like to achieve and how can you get there. We use the solution-focused step by step approach. We don’t dig into old wounds, you only share what you would like to share, there is no pressure at all, we can make this part shorter or longer, it is all up to you. We use NLP techniqes as well to get effective and fast results. We permanently release the things that have been holding you back in life.


The second part is all about guided daydreaming. This is where the mental rehearsal/hypnosis happens.  Do you remember when you were a kid and listened to bedtime stories? The hero of this story had a journey, had to fight for what’s right, there were obstacles and villains on the way. The hero fought the necessary battles to get to a happy ending, learned how to be strong, calm and confident. I am tailoring this story to your needs.


We create the same “spaced out” feeling when you listen to a bedtime story, read a book, watch a movie, cycle, drive a car, go for running – that focused attention when your mind is open to suggestions, and comes up with solutions rather than counting obstacles. This is hypnosis. The more you train your brain, the more solution-focused the mind becomes.


The media portrayed an image with stage hypnotists creating a show and making people look vulnerable. Let’s leave the stage for illusionists and magicians. I don’t think that any of you is afraid of disappearing from a supermarket forever after bumping into a magician there. These tricks made for stage and for an audience, hypnosis in therapy setting is completely different.


The truth is that nobody can hypnotise you against your will. Hypnosis does not involve the therapist taking control of your mind. Nobody can make you do anything you do not want to – your mind will simply reject any inappropriate suggestions.

There is no difference between a face-to-face and an online session's structure. The effect of the therapy is the same.

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