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Solution Focused Psychotherapy &
Clinical Hypnotherapy

You wake up exhausted and you feel the same as yesterday, nothing changed, you feel that you are not living the life you planned, something is missing, same stories, same emotions, same thoughts, same choices, same energy. You feel like watching the same play/movie every day.

 What if you could change it all?

You feel better in your body, sleep better and you are happier.

Your friends and family recognising the change.

Your relationship is better with your partner and kids, it is easier to talk to them now.

You perform better at work. You are ready for new challenges. 

You start your day hassle-free and you go through your to-do list with confidence.

You leave the old habits and the vicious cycle lifestyle behind.

Your mind and body working with you to achieve your goals.

You are healthier and more balanced.

You feel lighter and more energised.

Attending a presentation/meeting/interview does not give you the nervous gut feeling anymore.


When you feel lighter, happier and better about yourself it is easier to reach your goals.


How does it sound?


 3 main benefits of this method:


  1. Better sleep quality - Do you remember the last time when you woke up rested and felt that the world is your oyster?

  2. Happiness - This method creates more serotonin - the happy hormone in the brain. We will encourage you to adopt a more positive outlook.

  3. Creating new habits, beliefs, reactions - We gain access to your subconscious mind where you collected and shelved old habits, beliefs,emotions, reactions to situations  and these kinds of sentences:


“ I am not enough /I am a failure /I don’t deserve good things/Why the same happening to me again and again/I will never find a better job/I will never find my passion/I can’t do this/I am a terrible parent” etc…


Your mind will be open to suggestions so we can reprogram these sentences to:


“I am enough/I deserve good things/I am more than capable to find a better job/I can do this/I am a fantastic parent/I am doing the best I can” etc….


The feeling of "I am stuck",everything is the same(vicious cycle)" is all there so we can change it.

It is like a spring clean when you get rid of the clutter, a little bit of dusting, packing, reorganising and being happy that you have space – we all know that “wow it feels so nice and fresh” feeling.

How does this reprogramming work? 

You are here now: Old Thoughts->Old Choices->Same Experiences->Same emotions=>Your identity,Your reality

You will get there: New Thoughts->New Choices->New Behaviors->New Experiences->New Emotions=>New Reality 

Process of Change: Old Self ->Mental Rehearsal->New Self 

I have always been a fan of the theater and musicals. As a Londoner, I had the chance of watching the best shows. Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard, Kristin Scott Thomas in The Audience, Sally Field in All My Sons –  still gives me the chills – the effort, the time, the emotions and the rehearsals they put in a performance to show us their best, just imagine…They rehearse and rehearse, the premier comes and the magic happens – we feel what they want us to feel. They play it every night for months even years there is no need for further rehearsals it comes to them as a routine.

Your brain is kind of the same. You can mentally rehearse who you want to be, what would you like to achieve. The brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality, so we can create a new mental image, a new confident you, new emotions. Your brain wants you to be safe, and trying new things can be scary, but if we mentally rehearse the new emotions, the new you, your brain gets used to it so confidence, happiness, stress-free living became like a routine - a habit. That’s why repetition is important.

How do we actually get there?


During the initial consultation we talk about how I can help you, I explain how the brain works in relation to your particular struggle. You will receive access to effective techniques you can practice every day for a calmer mind. You will also receive a link to my sleep tape which helps to regulate sleep patterns, helps to reduce stress and boosts your confidence. 


The subsequent therapy session is divided into two parts.

First, we talk about what would you like to achieve and how can you get there. We use the solution-focus step by step approach.We don’t dig into old wounds, you only share what you would like to share, there is no pressure at all, we can make this part shorter or longer, it is all up to you.


The second part is all about guided daydreaming. This is where the mental rehearsal happens.  Do you remember when you were a kid and listened to bedtime stories? The hero of this story had a hard time, had to fight for what’s right, it was a long journey, there were monsters and villains, the hero realised that he/she is more than capable of fighting for his/her dream. You were excited that the hero of this story goes through to all the obstacles and gets a happy ending.


I am tailoring this story to your needs. We create the same “spaced out” feeling experienced when you listen to a bedtime story, read a book, watch a movie, cycle, drive a car, go for running – that focused attention when your mind is open to suggestions. This is hypnosis.Your mind calms down during and after this experience. In this spaced out stage your mind is more open to suggestions and creating solutions rather than coming up with obstacles.

As a result you can also get a light bulb moment later on similar to ones in cartoons. This way a  solution/answer to your issues can just  pop into your head. The more you train your brain, the quicker and more solution-focused the mind becomes.


Is it dangerous?

The media portrayed an image with stage hypnotists creating a show and making people look vulnerable. Let’s leave the stage for illusionists and magicians. I don’t think that any of you is afraid of disappearing from a supermarket forever after bumping into a magician there.These tricks made for stage and for an audience, hypnosis in therapy setting is completely different.


The truth is that nobody can hypnotise you against your will.Hypnosis does not involve the therapist taking control of your mind. Nobody can make you do anything you do not want to – your mind will simply reject any inappropriate suggestions.


How am I helping you?


Every superhero needs a "helper", who brings the tools and comes up with ideas and helps the hero to get to their destination. Heroes usually don’t act alone.


What will you gain and take with you?

We reduce your anxiety so from this point we focus on the goal you would like to achieve. It can be a personal and/or professional goal - interview preparation,business plan etc.

We can work with any stress - related issues, IBS, OCD, fears and phobias, traumas, addictions,food - disorders. 

It is all up to you.


It is a process, but every hero has a journey, they don’ t born with all the tools.

What they learn during the journey makes them unique.

You can still be that strong confident superhero you always wanted to be, let me help you with the tools.

Areas where this kind of therapy made significant changes

in people's life


Anger management


Pain management

Confidence/self-esteem issues

Depression/low mood

Eating behaviours

Fear and Phobias

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Low motivation

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Sleeping problems

Stop smoking/vaping  


Unwanted habits

Mind-body preparation for pre-conception, pregnancy, hypnobirthing, post birth support  


Hypnotherapy & Interview preparation

Calm Pregnancy & Hypnobirth

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