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Animal Healing Therapy

Therapy session

Animal Healing & Communication


Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking, or feeling, or why it acts a certain way?

Would you like to find out if your animal is truly happy?

Would you like to create a better bond between the two of you?

Would you like to fasten the recovery process after an injury/operation?

Are you interested in their traumas before shelter life?

Would you like to find out the reason for their emotional blockage, fears, and anxieties?

Animal Healing | Animal Reiki

Animal healing is a unique approach that will cause no harm and stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities. Animals respond well to the energy as they are so clever and even show us where they need healing. Animal healing besides lowering physical pain helps to determine the animal's underlying emotional blockages, fears, and anxieties. This way we can understand their perspective. Animal Reiki helps to release the traumas and long-held emotion patterns if the animal is willing to let them go.

Animal Communication

Animals can communicate with the healer during the energy healing treatment. This is a direct two-way exchange of information to connect with the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of an animal. They can relay messages through the communicator about what they need, and how they feel and this may strengthen the relationship between the guardian and their pets.

What does an online animal healing and communication session look like? Click here to see a few videos.

How did you get into animal therapy?

In 2018 I was approached to take part in an animal healing project using Reiki. We went to various shelters and I gave Reiki to the shelter animals. The results were mind-blowing, they completely changed the way I looked at and respected animals. I helped them on a physical and emotional level with Reiki and something extraordinary happened. I was able to see what happened to them before getting into the shelter, I also realized that I am getting messages from them and can communicate with them on a deeper level. This was a huge help for the shelter workers. This experience became a life-changing milestone for me. I have worked with beloved family pets too who have shown me the pure unconditional love that they hold for their owners. I decided that I will help as many animals as I can in the future. My big dream is to work with lions one day as I feel a deep connection with them from an early age.

Reiki Mag

You can read the whole story in Universal Life Magazine - they published my journey to Animal Healing and Communication.I am very grateful for this opportunity.

RHA Featured Writer

Does it work online? Does it work from a distance?

Distance healing is perfect for pets as they are not stressed about meeting a stranger and are in a safe and familiar environment. They can get into a nice relaxed state during the session - it feels like a spa treatment for them :)​

How does a normal session work?

The healing and animal communication part is around 30 minutes as animals do not need long sessions. I will make notes and write down the messages from your pet. When the session ends I am sharing my notes/observations with you in the order I receive them from your animal.  You are more than welcome to take notes and ask questions.

We can do it three ways.


1. Booked Zoom session - Please dedicate an hour to the process. It starts with an informal chat and I ask a few questions beforehand. You will let me know your reasons for seeking support and the questions you would like me to find out answers from your lovely pet.  You can also benefit from the session and enjoy Reiki Healing. 

2. You send me a recent picture of your animal, share your reasons for seeking support and fill up a short form. I will do the animal healing and communication at my own preferred time and share my notes/observations via phone call/Whatsapp. 

3. If you live around London W5 (Ealing) I am happy to do it in person if I am in the UK at that time.

Animal Healing and Communication stories (Please click on the picture and scroll) - Visit my social media pages for more

How is the Animal Reiki method? Is it dangerous?

  • ​Non-invasive and there is no harm

  • Requires no equipment or technology

  • No physical contact needed

  • There is no need to move or disrupt your pet

  • Compliments and supports traditional veterinary care

  • Relaxing may help pre-treatment /post-operation

  • Works from a distance

  • Works online

​What are the main benefits of animal healing and communication?

  • Strengthening the bond between you and your pet 

  • Supplementing medical treatments

  • Helping to heal after surgery, injury, or trauma and speed up recovery

  • Alleviating anxiety, stress, and nervousness and producing a state of calm

  • Increasing energy levels and improving overall well-being

  • Lessening severe reactions and side effects after radiation and chemotherapy treatments for animals with cancer

  • Relieving aches, pains, strains, and allergies (e.g. skin problems or itching)

  • Addressing issues with the coat, skin, or feathers

  • Reducing aggression

  • Helping abused animals heal from past mental/physical trauma

  • Getting pets through depression or bereavement (e.g. changes in ownership, death in the family)

Used along with conventional medicine, it can result in a speedier recovery and saves owners considerable cost and anxiety. Energy healing is non-diagnostic, non-interventionist, and non-manipulative and no pressure is applied.

Blog - The Benefits of Animal Healing and Animal Communication - Click here


How much Animal Reiki treatment is needed?

Sometimes a single treatment is all that is needed whilst, for others, a series of sessions may be required to completely heal the issue they are experiencing.​

Read an IARP article about the topic here.​

Please note that Animal Healers and Animal Communicators do not diagnose or advise on veterinary treatments. Sessions are not an alternative to conventional medicine but can work wonderfully alongside it.​​​

Please get in touch to find out more details or book a session straight away. The button below will lead you to my booking calendar where you can choose the best suitable date and timing for you. You will receive an email confirmation and a Zoom link.

Animal Healing: Welcome
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