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My journey to Animal - Healing & Communication

Updated: Feb 22

I have always loved animals. When I was 5 years old I took a dead pigeon home because I wanted to heal the little bird.

I loved the old Narnia series, I was thinking as a child that the lion is real and can talk.

I was fascinated by lions from an early age. There is also a picture of me as a little girl, sitting on a lion.

When I was 18, I moved to Budapest, started college and went to the zoo close by with a friend. It was a cold winter so most of the animals were in a smaller glass cage inside. I remember putting my hand to the glass and the male lion gave me a high five. It was such an amazing intimate moment which stayed with me ever since.

When I became a Reiki practitioner than a Reiki Master in London we learned about how Reiki can help animals as well. I felt how animals are coming closer to me in parks.

3 years ago I was approached to take part in an animal healing project using Reiki. At first, I was so scared as I have never practised on animals before but the result was mind-blowing. It completely changed how I look at animals now. It became a life-changing milestone for me and I will always be thankful to the project manager for this opportunity.

We went to animal shelters and I gave reiki to the shelter animals, one by one. At first, it was a lot of barking especially from the traumatised ones, but when I “switched the healing on” full silence and relaxation happened. It was mind-blowing to see how open they are to the energy. I have realised they have no ego, no overthinking, they just accept it. When I work with humans the first 10 -15 minutes is about calming their mind and allowing the healing process, but with animals, they just get it straight away. They are so intelligent. They don’t even need long sessions. They also show you the part where they need healing.

Basil, my favourite rescue dog was waiting for his hip surgery so he was showing me his hip and soaked the energy in.

I realised how well they can benefit from energy healing on an emotional level too.

A little chap was so aggressive nobody could get close to him, he barked and barked. When he received the energy he calmed down then something extraordinary happened. I was able to see what happened to him before he got into the centre. He was slapped and tortured by humans from an early age. The first time he got traumatised was when his mom was beaten up in front of him. Of course, he hates humans – I can't blame him. Reiki helped him on an emotional level and comforted him.

Rose was a cute Labrador but you were not able to get in close to her, she was terrified as she was raped multiple times before ending up at the shelter. She was not ready for the “mating process” so the owners forced this manually by putting the male dog on top of her and locking her legs. I was shocked.

The shelter workers were amazing and now they were aware of what happened and why the animals act the way they act so it helped them to connect to these amazing creatures even more.

When I treat humans with Reiki most of the time I receive pictures and messages related to my client’s well-being. This can be an answer to a question a client is seeking, a helpful health suggestion, or more information about a destructive pattern the client is carrying over from the past - which can block them from moving on with their life. I always ask the client before the session if I should “switch on” my clairvoyance and clairaudience skills as not everybody is interested in finding out more and that’s fine.

I was amazed that the same thing happened when treating animals. I wanted to find out if there is more.

I started to heal animals living in a loving home environment. Wow, it was amazing to experience the love they have for their loved ones. This is pure diamond unconditional love. I burst into tears when I experienced that first and still do. I cannot compare this to anything, nobody will ever love you as much as your animal. So you should truly respect that…

They don’t care about themselves at all, they would die to save you. Wow, all of these stories I read about a dog dying after their owner died or getting sick when it was imbalance and issues at home – OMG they feel and know everything that is happening at home. They feel what you feel, it affects them even deeper…

I was able to connect with them on a deeper level and realised something… I can communicate with animals. This is a direct two-way exchange of information to connect with the thoughts, feelings and opinions of an animal. They can relay messages through me about what they need and this may strengthen the relationship between owner and their pets. Wow, it suddenly hit me: I can pass on messages from the owner and ask questions.