Gabriella - MSc, HPD, DSFH, CNHC(Reg), AfSFH(Reg), NBfMP(Reg), NCH(Reg)

A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

I am a CNHC - registered Solution Focused Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist accredited by the CPHT, a registered member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) and the National Board for Modern Psychotherapy (NBfMP). 

I hold the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (HPD) and member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH).

I am also a fully qualified Reiki Master and Teacher. Member of the Reiki Healing Association.

In my approach I combine the methods of modern psychotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, solution-focused approach, mindfulness, and energy healing techniques.

Reiki entered my life when I had an accident at work and one energy healing session was able to fix my leg. I realised what a wonder the human body is. It can get rid itself from toxins, create a balance, get rid of stress, hay fever and other allergies. It can also help to resolve traumas (on occasions buried for long times and never resolved) which might prevent people from moving on with their lives. If you feel shy or overwhelmed and don’t want to talk to a therapist Reiki is for you. It is a great way to relax, reduce anxiety, boost the immune system and relieve any physical pain you might experience.


I wanted to learn more about Reiki and ended exploring it in-depth. Since than I attended courses, workshops, etc. and reached the Master and Teacher level.

My hunger for knowledge did not stop. I have learned and still learning different techniques which I am able to combine with Reiki.

I explored mindfulness and became a graduate in the Silva method a few years ago. It is astonishing what the brain is capable of if put on the right path. 


This journey led me to Solution Focused Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy. This method is great for developing healthier habits, promoting positive change and utilising inner resources. Instead of digging up the past and bringing up unpleasant memories, we are focusing on what would you like to achieve in your life by boosting your confidence and encouraging positivity.


So fascinating in how many areas this therapy made significant changes in people’s life: anxiety, phobias, getting more confidence, OCD, stop smoking, eating behaviours, addictions, IBS. Also, hypnotherapy is commonly used as pregnancy and childbirth support. The sessions I conduct are part talking therapy (psychotherapy) part hypnosis (trance work).

Hypnosis or trance work is not as magical or mystical as you may see in films, it does not make anybody a superhuman, it does not  harm as your mind’s primary job is to protect you and keep you safe. You are in trance every hour when you daydream, watch TV, swim, drive a car, the only difference being that you will not call it a trance. It is a psychological tool and an amazingly efficient one that can help you to achieve your goals.

I have learnt so many techniques in the past and helped a lot of people in different ways, it was hard for me to pick and choose one therapy method which I will strictly follow, so I decided that I won’t. We are all different, so there is more than one way to help someone getting better.