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"Thank you for the online sessions Gabriella, during this hard time managing anxiety is key. "Pat (Retired)

In the beginning, my husband wasn’t very keen about me going to therapy, but in the end, he was my biggest supporter - “ I got my wife back”.We are both thankful and happy. I am more relaxed and more balanced which helped our relationship, I am also more patient with the kids. I tried to be this perfect wife and mother and I became exhausted instead. Thank you for showing me the way out and explaining the brain differences between man and woman.  Thank you for the step-by-step method, I am using it in other areas of my life. Thank you very much for all your hard work.

Fran (Marketing)


"Over a number of hypnotherapy sessions Gabriella helped me to get through a depression and achieve calmness as well as teaching how to deal with anxiety." Natalia (Project Manager)


"I was stressed all the time, could not cope with motherhood, thank you for your help Gabriella.

I am still listening the recording every night." Sandy (Maternity leave)

"Gabriella helped me to get over my fear of flying, I am so happy that I can travel overseas."

Nicky (Teacher)


"I didn't believe at first that one session could help me give up smoking but  3 months passed by and I don’t miss it at all. Cool. Thanks." Mike B. (Uni student)

"I felt that my anxiety is taking control every decision of my life, was rushing and panicking,thank you Gabriella for showing me the way out. Love the recording, still helps me to achieve a good night sleep."

Liz (Office admin)

"I have received an amazing Reiki session from Gabriella. The treatment itself was very relaxing and I even felt it's effect the next day. She is a calm, caring and lovely professional and I am so glad to met her. I will definitely go back for another treatment." Agnes (Finance)

"I have had an amazing Reiki treatment with Gabriela. She is a beautiful spirit, professional, calm and gifted person and would recommend her to everyone. She has exactly answered my questions and I am so excited that she is doing hypnosis sessions as well and I am really looking forward to it and can't wait!"

Adriana (HR Manager)

"Gabriella creates a wonderful calm space and a feeling of safety and love while giving Reiki. She is a true healer, sharing her gift and knowledge to aid my self-discovery and transformation. Ever since our session I feel lighter, unburdened and feeling the flow of energy. I will most definitely return for more sessions."

Xavier (IT)

"I have been receiving Reiki healing from Gabriella for almost a year now. She is a beautiful soul and her energy is always soothing. The healing I have received from her has been invaluable; and I know I am in safe hands :)" Katie (Office)

"I recently met Gabriella on a workshop and she is one of a kind. So vibrant and positive, even talking to her made me feel better. She is a professional healer and can also "see" the reason of my problem, this ability makes her unique. Thank you again, you changed my life!" Veronica Martinez (Nurse)

"I received a great reiki treatment with so much love, and hours later still enjoyed it. Gabriella is full of beautiful energy; with her everything flows! I certainly see you again." Cindy Theodore (Healer)


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