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Weight Loss

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Weight Loss in London and Online


Stress and weight loss

Stress and anxiety management has a critical role in helping to regulate weight. 


When we lose weight, our bodies convert energy from the fat cells and the fat cells shrink. During stress, this process is blocked. The mind and body go into flight or fight mode and wants to focus 100% on survival. It means shutting down other functions as well as the weight loss process and creating fat storage instead because it thinks that’s what we need.


Exercise and weight loss


So we can exercise like crazy, but if we don’t take care of our stress level we won’t lose weight.

Trauma and weight loss

Our mind subconsciously can create a shield (in a form of fat) around our body to protect us from being hurt/being traumatised again.

You may subconsciously think "If I am overweight I am less approachable “etc. 

You don't need to share your traumatic memory with me in order to help you get rid of the hurtful feeling around it.

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