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Combining modern neuroscience tools to help you get rid of anxiety, trauma, IBS, and stress to unlock your full potential.

Your experience begins with an informal one-hour Virtual Consultation where you share your reasons for seeking support and we create a therapy plan for you.

A quick way to release trauma and limiting beliefs like "I am not good enough" without sharing any details with your therapist. Reach your goals quicker.

Past Life Regression is an incredible journey under hypnosis which leads to another time/place/life that your soul has experienced in the past. You will be able to revisit these moments, this knowledge can be the answer to a question (or issue) you haven’t found the solution yet.

Combining effective healing techniques to promote emotional, mental, and physical well-being.This approach involves identifying and releasing blockages that may be hindering your progress. Reiki therapy is equally effective whether conducted in person or from a distance.

Animal healing is a unique approach that causes no harm and stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities.

Animals can communicate with the healer during the energy healing treatment. This is a direct two-way exchange of information to connect with the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of an animal.

New Arrival

Worry, overthinking, over-analyzing, thinking you are not good enough…Let’s calm your mind and get rid of anxiety within a few sessions.

Brain Sketch

Ease your brain and let go of shame and self-harming thoughts.


Living under stress means living in survival mode and your focus narrows down. Let us assist you in relieving the stress you feel.


Trauma can make you feel unworthy and make it difficult for you to cope. You don’t need to share your traumatic events during the process.


Free yourself from trauma, shame and negative thoughts. You don't need to talk about what happened to you.

Image by Sander Sammy

The first thing we “fix” with my approach is how you sleep. Let’s wake up rested and happy!

irritable bowel syndrome.jpg

Let’s calm your mind and activate the “chill out brain” which is responsible for the digestion system.

Successful Girl

Let's release what's holding you back and achieve your goals.

Image by Andrey Metelev

A panic attack can be your best friend. Find out why.

vicious cycle.jpeg

Do you feel like watching the same “dry” movie every day? Let’s change that to achieve the life you really want to live.

Image by M.T ElGassier

Let’s reduce your anxiety level and get rid of the phobia you are suffering from.


You can become the best version of yourself and achieve the confidence you have always craved for.

Image by Annie Spratt

Let's break old negative behavioral patterns and take control of your OCD.

Hugging a Pillow

Let’s transform your relationship with pain.

Image by Simran Sood

Let's release your "anger patterns" and calm your mind.

weight loss.jpeg

Let’s manage your stress and anxiety level to make sure your weight loss process is successful.

In Labour

Let’s resolve the issues preventing conception. Create balance and well-being.

Children Reading

Anxiety release exercises with hypnotherapy for a happy confident child.

Pregnant Woman

Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping expectant parents to be in a positive mindset for birth.

Job Interview

Let’s practice together to perform at your best during an interview. We release anxiety and boost your confidence.

Meeting with Clients

Password is needed.

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