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Working Towards an Exciting Goal...

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

During war times when a soldier received a so-called "Dear John Letter", it meant that his lover is ending the relationship, his heart was broken.

Dear John,

I cannot wait for you any longer, I don't know if you are alive or dead. I have met Charlie and he gave me great comfort. Please forget me and do not look for me.

Nobody wanted to receive this kind of letter.

How is it relevant?

If you are not working towards your goals you will receive the same kind of letter from your own Goal.

Dear….(your name),

It’s me, your Goal. Maybe you know what this letter is all about, you must face the facts. You and me, it’s not working anymore. I remember at the beginning you were so excited about our future. You made all these plans and steps. I was waiting and waiting for your passion and enthusiasm, to do what you promised me. Why did you neglect me?

Same excuses, nothing changed, you drove me mental. I am fed up. I heard all your stories about the fantastic business opportunities, how to start and develop them, how we will travel all around the world together. How we will discover new destinations, watch the sunset at the beach every night. When you talked about me to others oh that sparkle in your eyes, I was so proud of you.

Nothing happened. I had enough, no more excuses, no more everything will be different from now on. You always told me that you have to wait for things to settle, wait until you pull yourself together, wait until you will find someone to help you – all of this hesitation destroyed me.

I am so sorry, I had enough.

Best regards,

Your Goal

I don’t want to receive this kind of letter from my Goal, how about you?

With the solution-focused approach, we break down your goals into easier achievable steps. Find out more:

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