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Mental Results of Lockdown – How can online Hypnotherapy help?

Updated: Jun 14

|3 main Benefits of Hypnotherapy|

Sitting alone

The coronavirus showed us how scary is when we lose control. We are not the ones deciding whether to go to work, have a meal at a restaurant or go out to meet friends. Life is stressful, kind of an emotional rollercoaster.

When we are out of balance stress is rising and it can bring other uninvited friends: sleeping issues, anxiety, OCD, anger, unresolved traumas, PTSD, depression, low self-esteem, low sex - drive, IBS, obesity, low motivation….

We cannot control what’s happening around the world but we can control and work on our mental health. Clinical Hypnotherapy or online hypnotherapy is a safe, quick, practical and research-proven therapy for managing stress-related disorders such as anxiety, depression, anger, OCD, fears & phobias etc.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

  1. Better sleep quality: Troubled sleeping is so common during this period – you are not alone. Hypnotherapy is creating a better sleep cycle. When you wake up rested you feel better and is so much easier to focus on your goals.

  2. Happiness - This method creates more serotonin - the happy hormone in the brain.

  3. Creating new habits, beliefs, and reactions.

I had a client recently who is working in a warehouse so I used this explanation: How you live your life now, how you react to a situation, your habits, and experiences are stored on a big shelf in your brain warehouse packed in boxes. When you react you pick an answer, the reaction from a box and usually you pick the same box because it is safer, you are used to that box, and it is the closest one.

What if we do a big dusting and rearrange those boxes? We put their new ones which you can reach easily, you fill them with positive reactions, positive thoughts, and confidence so when next time something comes up and you reach one of these new boxes you feel better because this new packing system makes you strong and confident and your life is so much easier this way. You can find more information on my website under Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy.

Is online hypnotherapy effective?

The effect of the therapy is the same. We are using the same format as a face-to-face session.

You will be even more relaxed as you can enjoy the comfort and safety of your home.

You can book your sessions easily online with my booking system – You will find the best suitable date and time for you and receive the confirmation straight away.

I use Google meet for online sessions – sending you the link before the session. There is no need to download an extra program. Just make sure that your camera and microphone is on.

Benefits of online therapy

  • Your comfy bed/sofa, your blanket

  • You can even wear your PJs and go to bed after the nice relaxing session😊

  • You are saving travel cost

How to prepare for a virtual session?

  • Good internet connection

  • No distractions for an hour

  • Cosy blanket

  • Phone on silent

  • No coffee/strong tea 2 hours before the session

Feel free to get in touch and find out more 😊

Take care!

Gabriella Davidovics

Psychotherapy I Hypnotherapy | Reiki


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