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Hypnotherapy for Interview Nerves – Peter, the Confident Job Seeker

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

man during interview

Peter had a stable job for 15 years, wife, 2 kids, a mortgage. He was satisfied with his life. His company went bankrupt and they had to let everybody go.

Now he had to face a new situation, he had to be back on the job market to be able to pay the mortgage, support his family. Her wife only has a part-time job, the kids are still young. He felt that the world is on his shoulders.

He felt like the little boy again in his room playing with dinosaurs and covering his ears to avoid the parent’s shouting from the room next door. He needed support that time but did not get it, feels that he wants to be strong again, but something is different this time. It is too much, he felt that he is losing his confidence. All of the effort and the overtime he did for his company, all for nothing...

He is more and more desperate and thinking about the family, mortgage. How they won’t be able to afford a holiday which he and his wife deserve so much. Peter walks into his son’s room and looks at his superhero toys.

He has a lightbulb moment: All superheroes have helpers, it is completely fine to ask for help. It is an investment not a waste of money. Peter decides that he will choose an option where he does not need to discuss his past, his childhood, he can focus on the next steps, getting a job.

Solution-focused therapy sounds like the perfect match. Peter is making a step- by -step plan with Gabriella, a solution-focused therapist and talking about what he would like to achieve. He gets a clearer picture straight away. The second part of their session is guided daydreaming, like listening to a bedtime story with heroes and villains, where he can relax, get into a stage, where he can be the knight who saves the world from a monster, where his confidence and happiness level is rising. In this stage, his mind is more open to solutions than problems, so it is easier to believe that he can get the job he deserves.

He also gets a tape that he can listen to every night to sleep better, to reduce his anxiety and to boost his confidence level. As his therapist came from the corporate world and has experience working with HR they do a few mock-up interviews, talk about the next steps and what to work on.

Peter feels that his confidence level is up after a few sessions, he is excited about the interviews and the new opportunities. He wants to find a position he enjoys not just a job to pay the bills. He walks into the interview room with confidence and sparkles in his eyes, with the “world is your oyster” feeling. He practised this moment many times, there is no fear just excitement.

Peter knows that he made the best deal to invest in his future. This approach helped him to sleep better, be more relaxed, more confident and gave him a structure he can use for the rest of his life.

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Gabriella Davidovics

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