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The Benefits of Animal Healing and Animal Communication

Updated: May 18

Have you ever wondered what your pet would tell you if they could talk?

Animal Reiki

While animals may not be able to communicate with words, they can let us know how they are feeling in other ways.

This is the magic of animal communication. By communicating with their healer (me!), messages can be passed from pet to owner, which we can then support through animal healing.

There are many situations in which animal communication and animal healing can be very beneficial for both you and your pet. In this blog, I’m going to share the ways that they can make your pet happier and healthier.

  • How animal communication and animal healing can save you money and stress

  • How animal communication can resolve behavioural issues

  • How animal communication can prepare for a change

  • How animal communication and animal healing can address animal grief

  • How animal healing can promote healing from injury or illness

  • How animal communication can build stronger bonds with pets

  • Why animal communication and animal healing work well from a distance

  • How I become an animal communicator

  • Success stories of animals I have supported through animal communication

The Many Benefits of Animal Communication and Animal Healing

It Can Save Money And Stress (For You And Your Pet!)

You may have seen this article recently about sky-high vet bills as pet owners desperately seek answers to health problems being faced by non-human members of the family.

A trained animal healer like myself can pick up on the information that your pet needs you to know so that your pet’s symptoms can be addressed sooner and often without lots of invasive, stressful vet visits. If your pet does need treatment from a vet, animal healing can work alongside this.

Animal healing (aka animal Reiki) can then promote healing and restore their physical and emotional well-being. It’s a safe and non-invasive therapy that can be highly relaxing for your pet. It’s like giving them a spa experience!

Please note that I don’t diagnose conditions and as an animal healer, I am not replacing traditional vet care. I am simply acting as the go-between so that your pet can communicate with you.

It Can Get To The Root Cause(S) Of Behavioural Issues

When pets misbehave, it’s rarely because they’re trying to be naughty. There will almost always be an underlying cause - often linked to stress, anxiety, or fear.

It’s an opportunity to release emotional trauma and blockages that are affecting behaviour. This can reframe how they see their environment and balance physical and emotional well-being.

Rescue pets can benefit tremendously from animal healing to help them release trauma that has become ‘stuck’.

It’s also possible to support pets before they move into a home so that behavioral issues do not occur. Sessions can highlight what is needed to make a smooth introduction so that the home feels as inviting and comfortable as possible.