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Past Life Regression

Long Train Ride

What is Past Life Regression?

A journey under hypnosis that leads to another time/place/life that your soul has experienced in the past.

You will be able to revisit these moments, this knowledge can be the answer to a question (or issue) you haven’t found the solution to yet.


Sometimes, people are experiencing a problem in their present life, which is caused by an event in a past life. By journeying to a past life, they can gain insight and understanding and resolve the problem in their present life.

  • learn from past lives: Maybe there is a cycle that repeats itself - If you are aware, it can break that cycle and resolve the current issue

  • self-discovery

  • to find out the reason behind a fear, nightmare, phobia, depression, panic attack, self-harming

  • discover the root cause of any emotional, mental, or physical problem

Benefits of Past Life Regression

What does a Past Life Regression session look like? What is the first step?

You book a session through my booking system. Please get in touch with me before via email or WhatsApp if you have any concerns.


I email you a form with a few questions and provide information about how to prepare for your session.


At the beginning of the session (it can be online or face-to-face), we discuss the reason you are seeking professional help.


I will gently lead you into your past life memories while you are under delightful, soothing hypnosis. Your subconscious mind chooses a prior life for you to remember (which can be connected to your question/issue), and you are able to see, hear, and feel it as if it were really happening. You can remember specifics about your appearance, who you are with and where you are, the year you are in, what you are doing, etc. in that past life. Then I lead you into the world between lifetimes so you can contemplate there as you choose before returning to your current life feeling renewed and enlightened.

Is Past Life Regression dangerous? What if I don’t see anything?

Your mind wants to make sure that you are safe, so you will be aware that you are visiting a past life from a distance (like watching a movie). I will ask your subconscious mind if it is ready to go to the past life connected to your issue. If your mind is rejecting this, instead of the past life regression journey you will receive a normal hypnotherapy session that lowers your anxiety level and boosts your confidence.


I have other therapy tools in my toolbox to help you resolve the issue.

How long is a Past Life Regression session?

It will be around 2 hours and contains pre and after-hypnosis talk. Other therapists may offer this within one hour (my normal hypnotherapy session is 1 hour), but I would like to make sure that we have plenty of time to discuss what did you see and feel, and that you have time to jump into other past lives as well if it is needed.

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