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Job Interview

I provide interview preparation along with hypnotherapy to help you build more confidence and land the job you desire.

It can be hard to apply for a position if you have not been on the market for a while or have recently lost your job and is forced to find a new one soon. Unfortunately, desperation is not your friend when it comes to an interview.


What happens to us during an interview?

During a stressful interview our thinking brain shuts down because we are nervous, we experience pressure to perform. If we rehearse the interview process a few times, you will be more relaxed and balanced. You will be able to achieve better performance and reach your full potential during the actual interview.

During hypnotherapy we calm your brain, your mind will be more open to suggestions and solutions than problems. The more you train your brain, the quicker and solution-focused the mind becomes. During an interview, it will provide the fantastic answers you are looking for.

How can anxiety be a tool to get a  job?

Anxiety means that you are nervous, your stomach is not assisting you, you are an overthinker, you want to perform at your best. However you can also use anxiety to your advantage: it also means that you are detail-oriented, forward - planning, well-organised and working hard to get things done.

During an initial consultation, we talk about how I can help you, I explain how the brain works in relation to your struggle. You will receive access to effective techniques you can practice every day for a calmer mind. You will also receive a link to my sleep tape which helps to regulate sleep patterns, helps to reduce stress and boosts your confidence.

Think about the Olympians: how much hard work is behind each success story? The energy and the sheer amount of practice they have to put into their performance in order to succeed…Give yourself time. Let’s practice your interview skills and work on your anxiety with hypnotherapy.

We cannot avoid stress, but we can learn how to react to it and use it occasionally to our advantage.


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We will rebuild your confidence and you will learn effectice tools in order to perform at your best during the job interview.

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