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Clear Eyes

I recently became an IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) practitioner and a member of The Association for IEMT practitioners

How can Integral Eye Movement Therapy help you?

Adding this new very effective technique to my therapy toolkit to use it along with hypnotherapy, solution-focused talking therapy, NLP, and Mind Reboot to release what’s holding you back so you can became happy, confident and can reach your goals faster.

What is IEMT? How Integral Eye Movement Therapy Can Help You Overcome Trauma

It is an effective therapy based on eye movements, works on trauma, anxiety, anger, emotional blocks, phobias, limiting beliefs like "I am not good enough" and on so many levels.There is no sharing, you don't need to tell the therapist your issues - this therapy creates rapid change and allows you to free yourself and move forward from the past into a healthier, happier, and more confident future...How amazing is that?😉

When to use IEMT

The main benefit of IEMT is that the results are immediate and tangible and don’t require too much sophistication or verbal interaction on the part of the practitioner or the client. This can be of great advantage when the client isn't able to communicate their pain verbally which may arise for a number of reasons - i.e. there is a preference for non-disclosure, the client is too distressed, or simply isn't the kind of person who can do that kind of thing. The IEMT protocols were partly developed for exactly this type of situation.

What is IEMT therapy?

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a brief therapy that utilises simple eye movements and questioning techniques to change a particular thought pattern that may be problematic for you. IEMT techniques help to create change by rapidly reducing unwanted feelings to help you to resolve issues.

IEMT benefits

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is an effective therapy for anxiety, anger, depression, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, phobias, unwanted habits and trauma. It can create rapid change, allowing you to free yourself and move forward from the past and into a healthier, happier future.

Does IEMT work?

IEMT tends to work very well for trauma, phobias, anxiety, depression, and feeling over-reactive.

IEMT example:

Recently I used IEMT on a lady to release a very hard emotion (on a scale of 1-10 it was 10 for the client) and we did it within 10 minutes online via FB messenger. She didn't need to tell me anything about this emotion (I even asked her not to talk about it at all) but it was bugging her for years - We got rid of it in 10 minutes. It was fascinating to experience what a simple eye movement technique can do.

What is the difference between EMDR and IEMT?

With EMDR, eye movements are used very consciously to make people forget the trauma of one particular traumatic event. With IEMT extensive exercises are done with the eyes during the session, focusing on the feeling and not on the memory itself. You don’t need to step into this memory and relive it again. We work with the feeling and release it, after this release the memory won’t hurt you anymore because the feeling is changed. 
When there is a traumatic memory, not the trauma itself which is hurting, the emotion is unbearable around it. When we change your emotions, they won’t bother you anymore or hold you back in life.

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