How can Hypnotherapy help in pregnancy and childbirth ?

Hypnotherapy is very effective in helping pregnant parents to be in a useful mindset for birth.

  • If we approach birth feeling calm, positive, in control and prepared, we will produce all the right chemicals for labour. In this way we are less likely to need interventions. However, if we do decide to have interventions, we will make this decision as an informed choice with intellect, rather than panicking.

  • Pain also feels more acute if we feel anxious, exhausted or frightened, hypnotherapy can help avoid that fear and anxiety, it can also help you sleep better.

  • During our sessions you will learn:

    •     about the brain and how to keep anxiety low.

    •     the role of positivity and the chemical response

    •     about the physiology & neurology of pain

    •     self hypnosis to practise at home

    •     how your birth partner can support you

  • I will also give you 2 recordings and practice hypnosis every session, so you feel confident about using it during birth.


It is all positive, relaxing and empowering. 

Benefits to Baby

  • Research has shown that babies pick up on the hormones released by mum and absorbs them as a blue print for life. More mum is relaxed, greater influence this has on the baby.

  • The calmer mum is during birth, baby will receive greater levels of oxygenation and lowered levels of stress hormones.

  • Babies born in a calm way, tend to stay calm, quiet and alert following birth.

  • Bonding has started during pregnancy and then continues in a calm, natural

    way after birth.

Benefits to Mum

  • Tends to sleep better therefore higher energy levels during birth.

  • Let’s go of old beliefs and learns to welcome the birth as a normal and natural process of life.

  • Experiences increased peace, calm and relaxation before, during and after birth.

  • Labour more often than not begins spontaneously and there is less need for an induction.

  • Birthing stages may be shorter and has been known to be pain free under deep self induced trance. When mum is relaxed and not in pain the muscles in the uterus contract more strongly. Pain can create resistance in the muscles to contract. Oxytocin levels, the hormone in control of the strength and the duration of the contractions, are as they should be and not reduced by stress.

  • When fewer or no drugs are used there is less risk of side effects for both mother and baby.

  • Has a better post-natal recovery.

  • Improves bond with partner and baby during the birth stages.

  • May help reduce the risk of pelvic floor damage.

  • Has been known to help turn a breech birth.

  • Lower blood pressure:

    • raised blood pressure increases the risk of pre-eclampsia       

    • having a baby after age 40 increases risk of hypertension

    • babies with hypertensive mothers are smaller due to diminished nutrition  due to restricted blood flow through the umbilical cord. 

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