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Therapy session

Human Therapy Videos

Problem - focused vs Solution - focused approach (1:16)

See the difference - During therapy we use the solution - focused approach

Main benefits of Hypnosis and why you should try it (8:57)

Video presentation about the Benefits of Solution-Focused Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnotherapy

My story with IBS (6:03)

IBS🚽 used to be part of my life for more than 10 years. It is one of the main reasons I became a therapist . 

GP's and NICE(The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) started to recommend Hypnotherapy for people who are suffering from this condition and do not respond to medication.

Short video (2:10) about the 3 main benefits of Hypnosis + Hypnosis demistified

3 main benefits of Hypnotherapy in Bullet points + What hypnosis really is

Working towards a Goal (2:30)

What will happen if you don't work towards a goal you are enthusiastic about?

Client Testimonials (1:32)

A few testimonials. See recent ones here  

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