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Child Therapy

Child Therapist

Therapy for Children in London and Online | Solution-Focused Therapy for Children| Hypnotherapy for Children |Talking Therapy for Children| NLP for Children | Storytelling for Children | Mindfulness for Children

Growing up can be challenging and stressful. More and more children suffer from anxiety, sleeping issuespanic attacks, IBS, fears and phobias, OCD, selective mutism…

A combination of mindfulness, hypnotherapy and the power of storytelling can give children a toolkit to release stress,regulate their emotions, build resilience to live a happy life. This could help with a self-sabotaging behaviour, encourage relaxation or simply give them resources to manage anxiety and stress.

Mental health is more and more important as so many things are happening in the World right now so calming ourselves and build resilience is our top priority. Learning these simple tools will help children to face challenges in life.

I use hypnosis and storytelling combined with mindfulness and NLP techniques like fast tapping to give children a mindfulness toolkit.

Solution-Focused Therapy for Children

This therapy is very popular because does not involve talking about difficulties, it focuses on the goal the child would like to achieve. There is no judgment or expectations, we are training the mind to be more positive and solution-focused with positive language.

Hypnotherapy For Children | The Power of Storytelling

Children are very open to Hypnotherapy sessions as it feels like listening to a bedtime story. Stories can engage our mind and introduce positive changes we wish to make and our subconscious loves them. The hero of this story has a journey and must fight for what's right, and there are obstacles on the way. During the journey, the hero learns how to be strong, calm, and confident. I am tailoring this story to the need and age of the child. ​ During hypnosis (focused attention) we have access to the subconscious mind where we keep old beliefs like “I am not good enough”/ “I am afraid”/” I cannot do this” … We are changing these old self-harming beliefs and rewriting them to be positive with the help of metaphors.

NLP for Children

I teach very effective NLP techniques (like fast tapping) to children so they can use them whenever they would like to release stress and anxiety and boost confidence.

My Neuroscience-based approach when working with children – I am combining Solution-Focused Talking Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and NLP

What is the first step?

The process starts with an initial consultation (1 hour) where we discuss the goals for having therapy and I explain the areas of the mind that cause the child’s troubles. Parents are more than welcome to participate and ask questions. I also provide a sleep tape to boost the effectiveness of the therapy session, it will also reduce anxiety and boost confidence.

This can be done online or face-to-face. Children are more open to online sessions as there is no added stress of coming to the therapist’s office and they can enjoy the comfort of their own bedroom.

How does an actual therapy session look like for children?

It starts with solution-focused talking therapy where we use positive language.

I teach them a  few techniques to release stress and anxiety and boost confidence.

The second part is guided daydreaming/ hypnosis. We create the same “spaced out” feeling when listening to a bedtime story.Hypnotherapy is a lovely and relaxing tool for changing unhelpful thought patterns using the child’s imagination and creativity. It makes them calm and confident.


Whilst the parent may sit in on the actual session with a minor, it is not a participation session. The parent should not interrupt the session unless specifically requested by the therapist or the child.


Book a consultation to find out more.

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