Over-Analysing - Hesitation - Aiming for perfection - Fear of failure - Trying to please everyone - Fearing change - Living in the past - Being afraid to be different - Sacrificing your happiness for others - Thinking you are not good enough - Thinking you have no purpose - Judging yourself and others

Do you...

  • “want to do it all” and get frustrated if you are not there straight away?

  • try to please others to feel worthy?

  • aim for perfection and get lost in the small details?

  • feel afraid to make mistakes?

  • feel that the pressure is too much and you will fall apart?

  • feel like a complete failure because you are not where you want to be yet?

  • feel that the only way to do something right is if you do everything by yourself?

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe it is driven by unrealistic fears and worry, overwhelm, stress, and panic attacks... These are all examples of anxiety running riot and making you mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

We will work together for you to achieve

  • A good night's sleep 

  • A happier, more energised you 

  • Removal of old habits 

  • More balance in your life

Anxiety can be reduced within 4 - 8 sessions.


If you have suffered from anxiety from an early age and experienced mental abuse, you will often:

  • Constantly apologise because you're used to being criticised excessively.

  • Hide your feelings because you're used to being blamed for them.

  • Break down during small disagreements because it’ll trigger a flashback to a time when your abuser exploded out of nowhere.

  • Need a lot of reassurance because you're used to being constantly told you're not enough.

You are not responsible for the programming you received in childhood and early age. As an adult, you can be 100 % responsible for fixing it. Most adults have a damaged child inside and it is possible to “upgrade” that child.


Asking for help is not a sign of weakness - even superheroes have helpers!

When you help yourself, you help your family and friends,and co-workers as they can all benefit from a stress-free, happy and confident you. 

I am truly passionate about anxiety as I used to see the world  solely through my "anxiety glasses".

When you take these off,you realise that the "World is your oyster" with so many opportunities, laughter and fun.



Book a consultation to find out how can we work together to get rid of Anxiety and live a balanced and fulfilled life.