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Anger Management

Image by Annie Spratt

Anger management in London and Online


Anger is a way of increasing our strength when our emotional brain thinks that we are in danger.
Anger can lead us to be emotionally out of control, panic, negative thinking, and violence.


Why am I angry all the time? How to control anger issues?

Anger is a tool that was passed down from our basic, emotional brain during evolution. When we sense danger, it is a sign for us to get stronger. Our primitive brain will assume we are in trouble when our anxiety levels grow and will intervene to help out. Anger can be one of the tools it employs.

In the worst circumstances, being angry can make us unpleasant, cross, and violent against ourselves and others. We can become unreasonable and controlled by our negative thought patterns when our stress and rage levels grow.


How to release anger? What is the first step?

During the Initial Virtual Consultation, I will talk to you about the area of the mind that creates anger and what can be done to release it. You will receive effective tools you can use every day for a calmer mind.

You will also receive a link to my sleep tape which helps to regulate sleep patterns, helps to reduce stress, and boosts your confidence.

Moving forward to subsequent sessions, we will release your “anger patterns” with the Mind Reboot approach.

I will provide supportive tools based on neuroscience to help you manage stressful situations and feel calm and in control.



Book a virtual consultation to find out more.

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